MANGO PASSION FRUIT BLACKBERRY PINEAPPLE SOURSOP GUAVA STRAWBERRY 44Lbs 44Lbs 44Lbs 44Lbs 44Lbs 44Lbs 44Lbs 66.00 109.00 85.00 65.00 100.00 56.00 63.00

Min. Order Qty:      5 boxes

PickUp orders:      At Charlotte location

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Limit to 2 boxes per fruit per customer.



Tax Exemption Disclaimer

Resellers are often exempt from state and local sales tax when they provide their seller with a valid resale certificate. To properly invoice you, we must have your certificates on file and approved.


Our processing guarantees that the final product maintains its organoleptic and nutritional properties. Furthermore, aseptic technology helps stabilize the product enzymatically and microbiologically, due to exposure to high temperatures for a short period of time, which makes it possible to store the product without refrigeration, thus facilitating its transport and storage.

INGREDIENTS.  100% Fresh Fruit Pulp or juice and acid ascorbic.


SHELF LIFE - STORAGE CONDITIONS. Twelve months after the production date at room temperature, keeping bags hermetically sealed and the boxes closed. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and moisture.


PACKAGE TYPE. Corrugated cardboard box with product packed in aseptic double-wall bag, in weights of 11 or 44Lbs (5 or 20Kg)



Apperance: Free from clumps and/or any foreign element.

Color: Characteristic of the fruit.

Flavor and Aroma: Characteristic of ripe fresh fruit.

Defects: 0% foreign matter.



Total Mesophilic Count                      <10 ufc/gr.

Total Mold and Yeast Count               <10 ufc/gr

Total Coliform Count                         <10 ufc/gr

Total E. Coli Count                            <10 ufc/gr

Salmonella sp.                                  Absent

Listeria sp.                                       Absent